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Hey... *poke poke* [Jan. 3rd, 2005|12:39 pm]

[mood |contentcontent]


Jeez... whatever happened to this place?

It's cold as a tomb!

Anybody here?
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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2004|09:37 pm]

[mood |calmwell, calmer now... sad pa rin]
[music |Last_Chance- Allure]

hmm... sabi na nga ba eh.. mamamatay din yung community na ito... anyways... to keep it alive ^_^ my responsible self (LOL) has decided to post this thing she found in her inbox... a message from long ago ^_^ Comment kayo pagkatapos!!

here aijin-chan!

finally woke up early to do this! i hope everyone doesn't get offended
the char thing. haha we might...ehem...we are using char above axn and
so if you want to research on your char go ahead. we put the anime it
from. enjoy! o ya. ate and my list are combined here.

Aissa>> gori gori gori!!!! (slam dunk)/ Wakaba (utena) ate said this
not me!

Chris>> Hatori (fruits basket) cool, calm and collective/ Supi-chan
captor sakura) contradicts maan who is kero-chan/ Mosquiton (master of
mosquiton) both get bossed around in a sense...and they are nice ne!

Adi>> Tohru (fruits basket)/ rika (kare kano)/ kagura (fruits basket)/
(pitaten)/ fruit cake!!!!! haha. ok maybe not the fruits ckae part but
surely all the others in the list!

ysa>> tsubasa (kare kano) both go by the quote "looks can be deceivng"
snorlax (pokemon) wake up na!!!!!!

ther>> ayako (slam dunk) big fan! whack!/ tsubaki (hana yori dango)
whacks! ahhh! whack whack whack!!!!

bianca>>anzai sensei! jk liu mao hsing (cooking master boy) yeah!!!
tamahome (fushigi yuugi) kind of stubborn. please don't kill me! >_<

valine>>natsumi (you're under arrest) strong mentally and physically/
(elhazard) money money money!/ sakuragi (SD) haha! tensai!/ inaho
(master of
mosquiton) you can't boss me around! i'm your boss! mwahahahahaha!

jeffer>> makino tsukushi (hana yori dango) one name says it all

regina>> dita (vandread) makes kapit to aijin-chan ne!/ merle
smiles and goes jeffer! jeffer! jeffer! like merle ne!

lyssa>> asapin! k don't need to put where he came from/ hideki
perverted/ makoto (boys be) perverted/ yukino (kare kano) ...i don't
she's perverted but ate said she's deceiving. haha just like how i
all teachers and classmates on how nice and cudly i am!...later in a
over... >censored< >_< *wah!!! over heated from blushing* lock your
next time ne hehe

toni>> shigure (fruits basket) laid back and carefree/ sano (rurouni
kenshin) stop it with the utangs!!!/ sakura (kare kano) sporty! let's

aya>>... gomen don't really know aya ne...can't compair

mishie>> mommy!!! washu (tenchi muyo) genius! smart! ahhh!!! my brain
fry if i did as much thinking./ aya (kare kano) writer!

denny>>belldandy (oh my goddess)/ yuki fan club (fruits basket)/ sashya
(pitaten) all naive looking and when you look at her she's so angelic!
perfect girl! turn your back and she grabs all your bishies! labled as

denma>> Hana-chan (fruits basket) well look at denma and that's what
out. denma is way way to smart for hana-chan and i know their grades
don't go ne demo... they're both dark and creepy -_-/ megumi (gate
now this is more a like ne! smarty world! i don't belong there!

jowie>> bakadeshi with an attitude what else? haha!

maan>> Kero-chan (card captor sakura) contradicts itchy who is
momiji (fruits basket) always genki when i see her and over excited/
f-ko (utena) updated always

(Me: updated daw... wala nga akong alam na balita sa barkada eh!)

well that's the list!!! haba no?

>> LOL!
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Just a proposal ^_^ LOL [Apr. 4th, 2004|08:04 am]

[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[music |soccer game]

Yo people of this all ready dying community ^_^ I had some thoughts over a sobbing Naireen last graduation night... actually, was thinking about this for a long time all ready ^_^ Since she claims (Naireen) that we will never see each other again ^_^, I say that we have a mini reunion of our own! A get together probably every month or so... whenever we are ALL available ^_^ Where to meet? Bahala na... I'm just proposing ^_^

So... any violent reactions?

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Rant. beware excessive whining [Apr. 2nd, 2004|04:20 pm]

[mood |crushedcrushed]
[music |Wishful Thinking - Duncan Sheik]

I spent, like, ten hours putting together an AMV. With Matantei Loki Ragnarok footage, downloaded off the Net over about thirty hours worth of DL time. And though it's a first attempt and not that technically advance and all that...I was proud of it.

Especially this one part...it came together like magic...that one part lang, other parts aren't as good...but I can't upload it anywhere! I've got a webpage with the requisite space but there's a cap on the size of uploadable files...and I can't submit it to amv.net cos I used downloaded mat'l...waaah.

I wanna show it to someone, it's one of the few things I've actually produced this year worth looking at at all...though it's all someone else's artwork and music....aaagh.

/Rant over.

I swear.

BTW, the image below is of Loki, the main character, in his child form. He's adorable like that, but absolutley bish when he's Kakusei, or awakened. ^_^


... Oh no, there you go
Looked away, missed the show
How much wasted time can we survive?
Oh yeah, fool again
Don't know how and don't know when
Not much else to blame but wishful thinking

...falling through the sky
to frozen places...

-Wishful Thinking
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2004|07:23 pm]

[mood |productive]

hmmm... is anyone out there? HELLO!! * hears echo*

YUP, this community is dead and dying... ^_^ Ahh... beautiful

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icon? [Mar. 27th, 2004|10:53 pm]

[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Hey guys, I'm bored and I want to ask, would you like to make an icon for the community?

We can all contribute one.
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cross-post from my LJ to here [Mar. 24th, 2004|06:54 am]


The PAREF Board of Trustees is directing all the PAREF schools for girls to give serious consideration to the school’s mission-vision and philosophy to develop the qualities of authentic womanhood among our female students. These qualities include gracefulness, poise,self-control, physical fitness, equanimity and level-headedness, perseverance and other qualities proper to the feminine gender.

In line with this thrust the Board has decided to remove the sports of soccer and basketball from the physical education program of the girls’ schools.

Several reasons have led to this decision.

Soccer and basketball are highly aggressive games. These sports necessitate body collision and physical contact that can result in minor or major injuries, depending on the intensity with which the game is played. Although basketball is governed by rules, which penalize undue and unnecessary bodily contact and roughness, there is still a high possibility of bodily harm and injury. This danger to the physical and bodily development of the girls is an important consideration in view of their role as future mothers and nurturers. In line with the school’s mission, special care and attention should be given to safeguarding the development of this inherent natural reproductive function of a woman.

These sports dispose girls to be highly competitive and aggressive which do not foster the development of true feminine characteristics.

The natural and inherent qualities of a woman, e.g. nurturing, caring,graciousness, refinement and compassion, are stunted and negated.

Instead, uncaring, hardened behavior, gruffness, brusqueness and loudness are likely to occur.

On the psychological aspect, contact sports tend to encourage aggression, which may be manifested in the girls’ social behavior and relationships. Girls will have a tendency to dominate, disregard and overlook the complimentary nature between the sexes. Other manifestations may include carelessness in dressing, shedding off inhibitions in behavior, and lack of refinement in speech and decorum.

The Board believes that while these sports have a good impact on the school immunity, i.e. the development of teamwork, camaraderie and school spirit, the school should focus its attention and direct its effort towards other sports activities that will encourage the same positive values which will fully implement its philosophy and actualize its mission and vision for students.

The Board, therefore, has decided that the soccer and basketball programs in all PAREF schools for girls be discontinued effective SY 2004-2005. It further directs the Academic Council, in coordination with the Physical Education Department of each school, to focus on other sports which are more in line with developing physical fitness such as volleyball and softball, and others which develop feminine graces, such as dancing, gymnastics, tennis, aerobics, badminton, table tennis, and or swimming. These will help achieve the desired goals more effectively without the negative effects of soccer and basketball.
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Am here to post. [Mar. 23rd, 2004|11:14 pm]

[music |They Both Reached For the Gun - Chicago OST]

Wow, this is a first. I'm not asleep come dusk, so I will not be waking up before the crack of dawn.

Eleven-fifteen on my clock.

I'm up here so late because I'm procrastinating. I don't know exactly why I'm procrastinating though, probably to avoid studying Music Theory. I am sick and tired of notes and time signatures and scales. Okay, so maybe I'm not, really, but I just wanted to say that. Doesn't it make me sound so, oh, I don't know, so well-versed on it that I actually get sick of it? :)

My mom got the DVD of The Passion Of Christ. Cannot watch it though, until all the friggin' tests are over. I am not allowing myself to do this. Distractions are evil. I procrastinate enough already.

Rej knows. Rej knows. (Does anyone understand what I'm talking about here?)

Let's add more people to this community. Para masaya.

We should have a gimmick of some sort. *ponders*
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Testing... [Mar. 23rd, 2004|09:09 pm]

[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Television ^^]

Hmm... gumana kaya? let me see....

Smile torture buddy!!

Ohh look! A doggie is pooping!!!

Watashi wa nan desu ka? ( don't mind it if it's wrong grammar... onegai ^_^;)


(Now to see if it works)
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Tell me... [Mar. 22nd, 2004|09:40 pm]

[mood |amusedamused]

are we the only ones here? where are the other dudes? Hello to everyone!!! Heheheh!
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